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The Duomo, Baptistery and Giotto bell tower district. The Cathedral or Duomo of Florence as we can admire it today is the end result of years of work that spanned over six centuries of history. Its basic architectural design was conceived by Arnolfo di Cambio at the end of the 13th century; the cupola that has made it a symbol for the whole city was created by that genius of the Renaissance, Filippo Brunelleschi.

Nowadays the Duomo is surely one of the most impressive monuments created by humankind on the planet. When you visit it, don't forget to climb to the top of the cupola, your efforts will be repaid by the breathtaking view of all the hills around, the red roofs of the city and all the other major monuments of Florence.

The district that surrounds the Duomo constitutes the heart of the historical city center and the area has probably one of the highest concentrations of art per square meter on the whole planet: churches, statues, museums, towers, and historical buildings fill every corner of every street.

Duomo, queue at the entranceThe main problem of the district is the sensation of being trapped in a Renaissance Disneyland... The whole area is, in fact, invaded by millions of tourists armed with cameras, strange parasols, colourful shirts and funny matching hats.

 As a result, almost all of the local shops and dining establishments are totally designed with tourists in mind: flashy gelaterias and bars, high-fashion shops, deluxe bars now dominate every street of the area featuring 5-star prices and, more often than not, 1-star quality (we recommend that you avoid all these places, unless you either a millionaire or masochist, or both...) in this atmosphere even the most romantic spirit would find it difficult to experience a true Florentine atmosphere...

If you want to enjoy the taste of a good gelato or a truly excellent Italian espresso we suggest that you head towards Sant'Ambrogio or Santa Croce where you can find better places with (more) normal prices...



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Osteria della Pagliazza Florence/*/Osteria della Pagliazza Firenze/*//*//*//*/

Osteria della Pagliazza Florence

The typical “Tuscan Menu” for a quick lunch or a tasty dinner featuring a selection cold cuts of meat, home made pasta and traditional Tuscan Soups.
Santa Elisabetta restaurant/*/Santa Elisabetta ristorante/*//*//*//*/

Santa Elisabetta restaurant

The Restaurant Santa Elisabetta located in the historic heart of Florence and embedded in the beautiful, elegant and astonishing Hotel Brunelleschi proposes the pure flavors of our country through the excellent art of our chef, Simone Bertaccini. 7 tables accommodating up to 24 covers create a unique Restaurant where guests will find the most joyful moments of their life.
Rose's entrata/*/Rose's entry/*//*//*//*/

Rose's restaurant american bar

The Rose's is a Italian and Tuscan  restaurant now boasts more than a quarter of a century. Established in Florence in 1982 as a bar, it has stood as a trendy Florentine and well attended. For several years, however, has been proven as a good restaurant with Mediterranean cuisine, but without losing the features of the beautiful trendy bar that has been in the past.
Gabriello Restaurant/*/Gabriello Ristorante/*//*//*//*/

Gabriello Restaurant

Since 1858 Trattoria Gabriello has offered its clients the true flavors of Tuscan cooking. The street is one of the most authentic medieval streets in the city, with towers, buildings, and palaces, which date back to that period and are free from modern tampering.
Astor Café outdoor/*/Astor Caffé fuori/*//*//*//*/

Astor Café

During the day, Astor is a comfortable and modern cafe, bar and grill where you can listen to a variety of music and enjoy free wi-fi, the best coffee in town and always fresh, made-to-order fast food.
Brac Restaurant Florence/*/Ristorante Brac Vegetariano vegano Firenze/*//*//*//*/

Libreria Brac Caffé e Cucina - Florence

BRAC is open from Monday thru Saturday from 1am to midnight and Sundays noon until 8pm. They serve a menu exclusively of vegan and vegetarian gourmet Italian cuisine as well as some fusion  like lasagna, savory pastries with fresh buffalo milk mozzarella and inventive salads using avocado and sesame seeds.
Most of the ingredients come from local and organic production methods.

Ristorante Pizzeria il Bargello/*/Ristorante Pizzeria il Bargello/*//*//*//*/

Il Bargello Restaurant Pizzeria - Florence

The RISTORANTE IL BARGELLO: its rooms are those of the Cella del Buco of old, from which derives the name of the narrow street that flanks today’s restaurant: Chiasso del Buco.


Il Barretto Florence

This beautiful restaurant in the center of Florence, standing for more than half a century, is a fantastic choice for tasty seafood from the Tyrrhenian coast.

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