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Want to verify if the restaurant you have choosen is really near your hotel or bed and breakfast? Need to quickly check if there is a pub next to the Uffizi Museum or  closer to the Stadium?

Curious about the distance between a good winery and Michelangelo's David or the Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge)? The answers to all these questions are in the restaurant map of Florence!

With our map you can easily locate your restaurant, winery, pub, cafè or pizzeria and get to know in advance the neighborhood where you are going to live for a few days or - who knows - a few years...

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» Santa Maria Novella

This is the neighborhood of the central railway station, the congress palace, and the main international expositions and fairs... That's why here you'll find the highest concentration of traffic, tourists, businessmen, immigrants, taxis, tourist buses, fast food and pubs (Fiddler's Elbow, The Chequers, The Dublin, The Joshua Tree, Stregatto, Trip Per Tre, Birreria Centrale) in the entire city center.

» San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo, for the Florentines is synonymous with 'market'. Even if you don't plan to spend hours shopping we suggest that to visit the market all the same, just to enjoy browsing. Naturally, watch out for pickpockets here! If you love shopping, chaos, art and crowds this is certainly the right district for you ...

» San Marco - San Gallo

This is the university district, where the seats of all of the most prestigious faculties of the city's university: political science, law, fine art, literature, and where all of the university facilities, student residences and student cafeterias are located.

» SS.Annunziata

At the heart of this district lies the magnificent Piazza Santissima Annunziata, a beautiful space dominated by the presence of the elegant SS.Annunziata Church. This church originally stood outside the second circle of city walls. Between 1444 and 1481 Michelozzo, Pagno Portinari and Antonio Manetti (with suggestions from the architect Alberti) remodelled it into its present form.

» Sant'Ambrogio

Sant'Ambrogio is definitely one of the most liveable neighborhoods in the city. From this district it's only a ten-minute walk to all the major monuments, squares and museums of the city. And yet, due to its location just outside of the most heavily-touristed areas - it hasn't been overrun by mass tourism.

» Duomo - Cathedral

The Duomo, Baptistery and Giotto bell tower district. The Cathedral or Duomo of Florence as we can admire it today is the end result of years of work that spanned over six centuries of history. Its basic architectural design was conceived by Arnolfo di Cambio at the end of the 13th century; the cupola that has made it a symbol for the whole city was created by that genius of the Renaissance, Filippo Brunelleschi.

» Santa Croce

Piazza Santa Croce is an excellent example of a quintessential 'Renaissance square', where perfect and impressive architectural geometry has been designed around the life of the community and its citizens. Here man is not dominated by the church and architecture but is, rather, at the center of the scene.

» S.Spirito - S.Frediano

This is definitely the most typical and 'genuine' district of the city. Here the masses of tourists only pass through and its streets are characterized by the presence of many handicraft workshops, jewellery schools, typical restaurants, traditional shops, street markets, churches and old buildings where it's still possible today to discover the rhythms and colours of a 'quotidian' and noisy Florence.

» San Niccolò

San Niccolò is one of the most authentic and attractive neighborhoods in the city. It's located in the Oltrarno zone (other side of the Arno River), at the foot of the beautiful hills that house Piazzale Michelangelo and Forte Belvedere, far from the overcrowded tourist-beaten tracks.

» Ponte Vecchio

The Ponte Vecchio or Old Bridge, is the oldest bridge of Florence and it is one of the symbols of the city and definitely one of the most charming place in town for walking...

The Ponte Vecchio district is one of the most lively of the city and you can find here fashion shops of every kind, leather shops, bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants...

» Piazza Beccaria

Piazza Beccaria is a safe and lively district located on the edge of the historical city centre.
This district is characterized by hundreds of shops of every kind, markets (Sant'Ambrogio) and supermarkets (Coop, Oviesse and others).

» Piazza Repubblica

Piazza Repubblica is considered the "Salotto di Firenze" ("The Florence Living Room).  Characterized by elegant architecture, discerning bars (Giubbe Rosse, Paszkowsky, Gilli – where a cappuccino costs up to 10 Euros!) and ...

» Piazza Libertà

Piazza Libertà is located on the border of the historical centre of the city, characterized by the large boulevards that circumnavigate the square – Viale Don Minzoni, Viale Spartaco Lavagnini, Viale Matteotti..

» Fiesole and San Domenico

Fiesole and San Domenico are villages located in one of the most spectacular, poetic landscapes in the world, the Florentine Hills. This area is luscious and green and is characterized by the presence of many elegant villas with gardens and swimming pools, and the best hotels of the city (like Villa San Michele with suites that can cost more than 5000€ per night!)
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Want to verify if the restaurant you have choosen is really near your hotel or bed and breakfast? Need to quickly check if there is a pub next to the Uffizi Museum or  closer to the Stadium?
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