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Ciccio Pennello Osteria Sesto Fiorentino/*/Ciccio Pennello Osteria Sesto Fiorentino/*//*//*//*/

Ciccio Pennello Osteria

The restaurant Ciccio Pennello expertly blends, according to the culinary recipes of Florentine tradition, flavors of the good and the beautiful; mixes the senses in a triumph of tastes and colors.
La Bottega di Morello Restaurant Osteria Pizzeria/*/La Bottega di Morello Ristorante Osteria Pizzeria/*//*//*//*/

La Bottega di Morello Ristorante Osteria Pizzeria - Sesto Fiorentino

LA BOTTEGA DI MORELLO Osteria in Sesto Fiorentino (FI) is located on the hills of Monte Morello. Diners come here to enjoy excellent steaks, wild game, grilled meat, fresh pasta, ravioli, truffle enhanced dishes and specialty mushrooms.

The restaurant has a rustic style equipped with a large garden perfect for the summer and is suitable for organizing private events.


10.00/10 - 1 review
I Ricchi Restaurant near Florence/*/I Ricchi Ristorante vicino a Firenze/*//*//*//*/

I Ricchi Restaurant - Florence

I Ricchi is a trattoria that began in 1929 as a food shop (which is still in business), and has been serving typical Tuscan cuisine to four generations of Florentines.
We are located a few kilometres from Florence, in Cercina, a small town with a rich cultural past, in the midst of olive trees and part of the Monte Morello park area.
8.50/10 - 2 review

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