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Restaurants in Florence Italy Guide, trattorias and pizzerias florence center, Italian and international cuisine, wine bars, pubs, cafes in historical florence

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Osteria Santo Spirito Florence/*/Osteria Santo Spirito Firenze/*//*//*//*/

Osteria Santo Spirito

Osteria Santo Spirito offers up Italian based cuisine done to a superb quality. The amazing dishes are served up in a friendly environment at an affordable price.

Vivanda Gastronomia

Vivanda is a little gem, a cozy corner of Oltrarno dipped in the district of San Frediano, including natural wines, Slow Food, and pleasant jazz music.
Old refreshment bar Cambi/*/Antico Ristoro Cambi/*//*//*//*/

Antico Ristoro di Cambi

A warm, wooden tables, benches and stools, many Florentines, very few tourists, a kitchen with Tuscan roots, authentic and sincere. We are in the neighborhood of San Frediano, a short distance from the Lungarno Soderini. Two brothers, Bruno and Silvano Cambi, opened a tavern here in '50 with a kitchen, which refreshed the Arno transporters of sand  .
Munaciello Pizzeria Florence/*/Munaciello Pizzeria Firenze/*//*//*//*/

Munaciello Pizzeria - Florence

One meeting place, better two in one: a drink and minimal small hall where for an aperitif or for a cocktail till late, one can breath the scent of parsley-mint, fresh fruit together with a great care of details.

10.00/10 - 3 review
Le Carceri Restaurant Florence Firenze/*/Le Carceri Ristorante Florence Firenze/*//*//*//*/

Le Carceri Florence

The pizzeria is located in a former prison of Florence, in one of the hippest quarters (the Oltrarno) and is a great spot for inventive gourmet pizza and handcraft beer.

Alla Vecchia Bettola Restaurant Florence Firenze/*/Alla Vecchia Bettola Ristorante Florence Firenze/*//*//*//*/

Alla Vecchia Bettola restaurant

In the late seventies, traditional Florentine cuisine was almost forgotten amidst the influx of standardized Italian cuisine. Loriano, a Florentine of many generations, with his wife Carla, gave birth to the idea of opening a restaurant in Florence in order to rediscover true Florentine culinary traditions. In remembrance of dining taverns from back in the day, they opened "Alla Vecchia Bettola" fusing together a decor typical of the ancient osterias and an exclusively Florentine cuisine.
Borgo Antico Restaurant Florence/*/Borgo Antico Ristorante Firenze/*//*//*//*/

Borgo Antico restaurant

Borgo Antico overlooks the enchanting Piazza Santo Spirito and offers a sort of charm completely different from the majority of restaurants in Florence. Here you can experience a unique atmosphere that gives you a good sense of the Oltrarno spirit (a popular sector/neighborhood of historical Florence.)
Trattoria Bordino Florence/*/Trattoria Bordino Firenze/*//*//*//*/

Bordino Trattoria - Florence

Located in a small and ancient street in the very heart of Florence, protected by the famous Vasariano corridor which links Palazzo Vecchio together with Palazzo Pitti, Trattoria Bordino is a small pearl where you can taste the typical recipes of the Tuscan cuisine.

Particularly renowned for their Florentine steak grilled on the barbecue, the restaurant has a wide menu which changes every day according to the seasonal rhythm of nature.

 A small, romantic restaurant trattoria that suggests this is where you should be having your unforgettable candle light dinner in the historical center of Florence, Italy. Bordino is a small restaurant which has become one the most appreciated restaurants throughout the years.

10.00/10 - 1 review

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