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It was one of the traditional and simple Florentine tavern where tasting wine, salami, cheese and crostini

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4 Leoni Ristorante - Firenze

4 Leoni Restaurant Florence4

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7.67/10 - 3 review
Cuisine(s): Trattorias, Restaurants, Enoteca/Wine Bar, Enotecas
Via de' Vellutini, Piazza della Passera - 50100  Firenze | Phone: +39055218562
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The Trattoria Quattro Leoni (4 Lions) was founded in 1550: located in Piazza della Passera (passera is the Florentine locution for sparrow), a part of the old Florence that you can't find on the maps.

Only the true Florentines know this crossroads that is situated between via dello Sprone, via de' Vellutini, via de' Sapiti and via Toscanella, where many years ago there was a brothel that contributed to give the name to the square.

4 Leoni Restaurant Florence 4 Leoni Restaurant Florence

The history of the Antica Trattoria e Fiaschetteria dei Quattro Leoni has its origin in the post-war period; at this time, it was one of the traditional and simple Florentine tavern where tasting wine, salami, cheese and crostini. For many years the Trattoria dei Quattro Leoni, has a family management. 

Many foreign and Italian people who studied here in Florence come still today looking for its own memories, as the familiar face of Gina, the historical cook (see the included picture of Gina) who used to offer typical Florentine dishes at a very low price.

In 1995 the local was rebuilt and enlarged by the clever architect Saverio Innocenti. 
The Trattoria reopened increasing its Tuscan spirit with its wooden-beam ceilings, stone walls, brick red arches and cotto pavements. 

The rooms are furnished after the Tuscan tradition: a sober and refined style with straw-bottomed chairs, marble square tables, bunches of withered flowers and laurel hanging on the wall. Passera it's wonderful: during this season it is possible to eat outside under a white awning and surrounded by scented laurel-pots and handcraft shops that since many centuries are the virtue of this quarter.

Stefano di Puccio is the actual manager of the Quattro Leoni. He is well known in the city not only for his past activity as a player of the Historical Florentine Soccer, but also for his inclination to cooking, his sincere hospitality and he is a very nice guy.

When welcoming you to the table there will be the delicious appetizers: deep in oil, hot cheesy terrine, artichokes hearts with cheese cream, bresaola and truffle oil, zucchini with stracchino and bresaola and many other things. From the kitchen, many first courses, steak grigliata and tagliate come out with the real Tuscan tradition creating a marvelous menu that varies and enriched day by day.

Always a good choice from the "pietanze" is the gran fritto dell' aia, made of fried chicken, rabbit and vegetables that every Friday, in order to respect the Christian tradition that advises not to eat meet, it is substituted by fried fish. From the other dishes we can remember the straccetti all'aceto balsamico, fried brain, schienali and artichokes: all real delicacies for culinary lovers.

A special mention to the incomparable desserts, such as the pear and chocolate cake by Miss Maria Elvira, the one of rice and GIANDUIA chocolate, the apple pie and the unforgettable cantuccini di Prato to deep into the Vin Santo.

4 Leoni Restaurant Florence 4 Leoni Restaurant Florence
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Filippo Italy
2011-04-18 10:00:02
I'm italian, I'm proud of my country (not of Berlusconi though) and I live in hong Kong. I'm very lucky as I come back to Italy 2 or 3 times a year for work and when I'm back home in Florence I enjoy tasting again our delicious food. So last time, a couple of weeks ago I went to i 4 Leoni, where the food was nice but the service was really bad. So typical italian...they have so many tourists and demand that they don' t treasure their customers. So even they had a free table they didn't let me and my family (among which I have an adorable cousin who is a little disabled) sit. So after I asked why we could not sit, they answered me badly and rudely. Of course I asked why they were so bad and what did I do to them to deserve such a treatment. At the end they let us sit but with the typical behavior..."I'm making you a favor"...which is not the case due to the fact that they are a public service and also given the price! ... We have such a beautiful country, with arts, traditions, culture and food, and so many stupid people around...which can unfortunately turn a nice day into a crapy one... Anyway the food is nice. But they would deserve people to leave for another restaurant just because of the service (at least this is my experience). Cheers

Joelle London
2010-11-21 15:57:01
A gem of a place in a pretty little square where, at lunchtime, the locals flock to get a table. A great selection of Tuscan dishes including one of my personal favourites - the fiocchetti pasta with pear, ricotta and asparagus. This dish is the reason my friend first introduced me to this place. Make sure you leave room for dessert too!

Shona Colorado
2010-10-22 11:48:57
The best food I had in Florence. Also, very warm, typical Piazza. I loved it

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